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Earning & Making Money Online for teenagers

Here are some of the bests and most trusted ways and websites for teenagers.

1. SurveySavvy

Official site:

SurveySavvy is a site that is great for those who want to buckle down and really make some cash.

They have a lot of members, a lot of surveys, and they pay out pretty well.

SS is one of the biggest and mots renowned companies in the market research industry, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

2. Ipsos i-Say

Official site:

This well-known market research group is accepting people who are at least 14. Update: Unfortunately, they have changed the age requirement to 18.

There are plenty of good reasons to use this service, from the high rate of good-paying surveys to the variety of cash out options (everything from gift cards to cash.)

They also have a mobile app, for teens who are out and about.

3. MySurvey

Official site:

There are a few things about MySurvey that I think are really great.

The age requirement is only 13, and they are also accepting applicants from all over the world!

One of the best things about their system is that surveys are very equal-opportunity.

Teens, adults and seniors alike will find surveys that value their opinion and pay out accordingly.

4. Kidz Eyes

Official site: KidzEyes

This is the only survey site that doesn’t accept anyone above the age of 12!

Kidz Eyes is a company that does market research specifically targeted towards children. They’re a company that’s over 50 years old, belonging to the even bigger market research firm C&R Research.

1000 Points equal out to $10, which you receive in the form of a check.

5. Panel Polls

Official site: Join Panelpolls “The Cool Opinion Site” for Families

Panel Polls is a market research company targeted at families.

They are offering surveys/panels to the kids and the parents alike!

Billed as a great way to influence the products you love while teaching your children the value of money, Panel Polls is accepting kids 6 to 17.

6. American Consumer Opinion

Official site: Get Paid To Answer Online Surveys

These guys are accepting teens over 14.

Despite the name, they’re also offering their services to people all over the globe.

That means that if you live in a country with a low cost of living, this can actually be a great way for teens to join in and earn a nice chunk of money!

7. PollBuzzer Panel

Official site:

A nice, casual site that takes residents of Canada and the US who are 13 and over.

They payout to PayPal instead of a check, which means it’s easier for teens to handle it all on their own.

8. E-Poll

Official site: Express Yourself! Take Online Surveys

This is another site that is accepting people 13 years of age or older, though adults are perfectly welcome, too.

Information was scarce on this one, but they seem to be a safe and easy-to-use site.

9. MyView

Official site:

MyView is a site that is accepting applicants who are 14 and above.

It pays out in rewards points which can be spent on prizes or Amazon gift cards, but you can also get paid to cash by sending the credit to a Visa card.

If you saw my SurveySatrap review of MyView, you’ll recall that their BBB rating is slightly controversial, but I haven’t experienced any issues in using them.

10. Cadacabeza Hispanic

Official site:

As you can probably guess from the name, this is a site which is geared specifically to Hispanic users (whether or not they actually speak Spanish.)

You get paid out via check.

This is another one of those sites with a super low age cap, letting you start as early as 6!

11. Focus Forward

Official site: Focus Forward – Register

Another site that pays through check, Focus Forward is a split between a survey group and a focus group.

You can be as young as 13 if you want to join this panel, so teens who want to be rewarded for their opinions should definitely check this out.

12. Toluna

Official site: Toluna – Opinions for all

This site is also accepting people who are 13 years old.

It works on a point system, but you can convert to points to cash which is paid through check.

They offer a pretty wide variety of surveys that are targeted at younger users, so there is no shortage of opportunities.

13. Global Test Market

Official site:

In case you’ve never heard of them, Global Test Market is a group that is very well known in the world of market research. They’ve been doing business for many years, and according to them, have partnered with 1200 or so companies in their time.

As you can imagine, all of this clout equals out to more surveys for you!

Instead of picking and choosing your surveys, you’ll generally be invited via email. Since this can be a little infrequent, it’s recommended to sign up for this service in addition to some others.

14. Harris Poll

Official site: Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll is a pretty well-known site when it comes to this.

They accept 13-and-up, and payout via rewards points, which are then converted into gift cards.

15. Mindfield Online

Official site: What’s on Your Mind?

This site does a good job at representing itself as a place that values your thoughts and wants to compensate you for them.

They’ll pay you via PayPal, check, or Amazon credit.

16. Valued Opinions

Official site: Take an Online Survey at Valued Opinions

This site does accept applicants who are 13 and above, BUT you will need your parents’ permission before you are allowed to finish registering.

Payment can be done as Amazon credit or via prepaid Visa cards.

17. Testspin

Official site: Paid surveys for money and free gift cards

Testspin will accept applicants who are 13 or older. However, they seem to have a low rate of surveys available.

18. SpringBoard America

Official site:

SpringBoard is accepting people who are 14 or over, which they will then pay via PayPal or by check.

There is one warning about using this site, though: the payout minimum is very high at $50.

B. Get Paid to write

One of the many great things about writing for money is that it doesn’t come with an age limit.

If you can write good enough for people to pay you, it doesn’t matter if you’re 12 or 22!

Furthermore, teens (known for their erratic sleeping habits) can make money while making their own schedule.

I won’t say that it’s the easiest work in the world, but the pay can be quite good depending on your skill levels.

And the good news there are tons of places where you can get paid to write.

Here are a few examples:

19. WriterAccess

Official site:

This is basically a content writing agency where businesses can order content of all kind, and writers get paid to write the content.

And yes, they accept applications from teenagers as well.

There are also other sites that can pay you for writing, though, after a certain point, teens would actually be better off delving into freelancing (while we’ll address below.)

20. Hire a Writer • r/HireaWriter

Official site: Hire a Writer • r/HireaWriter

This is another subreddit which is mainly focused on writing gigs.

Not only you can find writing projects to take on, you cam also post ads offering your writing services.

22. Triond (No longer available)

Official site:

This site pays you out in traffic royalties instead of a flat payment. There’s a method to this, which I’ll explain here briefly.

There’s no doubt that Triond actually pays up the fees that you’ve earned, so that’s not a matter of concern. The trick is that you need to come at it the right way if you want to get significant traffic on your articles.

Newbie writers will want to educate themselves on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is a basically the art of writing in a way that makes your stuff appear on Google searches.

You’ll need to write a lot of a good, SEO’d articles that will attract viewers. If you can, it’ll make a great passive income stream.

23. Helium (No longer available)

Official site: Introducing The People’s Network

The way Helium does their thing is similar to Triond in that they pay you for the traffic your articles receive.

However, they do also pay you a flat fee.

So they pay you a flat fee, but it’s more of a formality since you’ll only be making $1.

You gain access to these funds by doing an arduous side-by-side rating task of other articles, which while seemingly simple, really starts to wear on the brain after a little while. So that’s not great.

However, they do also have access to a place where you can take article ideas for clients and start making flat fees from anywhere around $5 to $100!

Since a lot of writing content sites have an age restriction, that makes this option pretty good for teens who want to make money writing.

C. Freelance work

Those teen skills that I spoke about earlier can come in handy when it comes to making money as a teen freelancer.

While the skills that teens pick up, like Photoshop or coding languages, are usually incidental, just a little bit of polishing will make them full-on employable skills!

Coders are slated to become the highest paid and most needed professionals of the next few decades, so it is a worthy investment of time.

23. Scriptlance (Now part of

Official site: Hire Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online

As you would guess from the name, Scriptlance is a freelancing site that is focused on coding jobs.

You’ll be pleased to know that you can also find writing jobs here, though they are primarily focused on coders.

Teens will want to practice writing convincing applications to these jobs, which is a good life skill to boot. If your proposal is excellent, it will dramatically increase your chances of landing the job!

Like I said up above, coding is lucrative.

If you speak multiple coding languages or have an expert understanding of one, you can cut straight to making a thousand dollars a month or more (provided you put in the time!) Code-savvy teens can’t miss out on this opportunity.

24. Upwork (Previously Odesk)

Official site: In-demand talent on demand.™ Upwork is how.™

One of the major freelancing sites that has been around for a long time.

You can earn money as a teen here by working on all kinds of projects– writing, coding, design, etc.

25. eLance – Update: Now part of UpWork

Official site: In-demand talent on demand.™ Upwork is how.™

Another very well-known site for teen freelancers to bring home the bacon.

26. Guru

Official site: Guru – Hire Freelancers Online and Find Freelance Jobs Online

You can find freelancing projects related to a variety of subjects, from writing and design to translation, coding, and more.

The good thing about freelancing is that you are not limited to any one skill.

Any type trade skill can be freelanced; so that means writing, coding, design, even social media management are all freelance-able jobs.

Teens who want money should dive right in and get going because these can be viable career paths.

27. redditors for hire • r/forhire

Official site: redditors for hire • r/forhire

This is a subreddit page where people who need to get something done, post ads to hire other people to do it for them.

There are all kinds of projects here, but mostly writing related gigs.

You have to be at least 13 years of age to join Reddit and any of its subreddit communities including this one.


The gigs posted on Reddit are not associated with the website itself. These are all private offers from members. So be sure not to get scammed here. Ask for full payment before you release the work, or work something out so you don’t get taken advantage of.

D. Reward sites

These are similar to, but distinct from, survey sites.

A lot of the survey sites listed above are survey-specific, but these are sites that take a more general approach to making money/rewards.

You can get paid to watch videos, take surveys, play games, answer trivia questions, and more.

The only downside to using some of these online reward sites is that you earn points instead of cash.

However, you can redeem your points for cash, as well as other prizes like gift cards.

28. Quick Rewards

Official site:

This is by far my favorite reward site, mainly because of their no-minimum-payout system and their very fast payout.

Request a PayPal payment and you will have it within minutes in your PayPal Account.

29. Swagbucks

Official site: Put cash back in your wallet with Swagbucks!

Perhaps the most famous online reward program is Swagbucks, and thankfully they do accept teen members as long as you are at least 13 years of age.

For details and tips for making the most, check out our very detailed and honest Swagbucks review.

30. Cash Crate

Official site: Make Money Online With Verified Programs

Allows anyone under 18 with parent permission to participate.

31. Irazoo

Official site: Online Surveys | Answer Online Surveys & Get Paid | iRazoo

They accept members from 13 and up.

32. Zoombucks

Official site:

You can join if you are at least 13 years old.

E. Other ways to kids to earn cash on the internet

These are the few sites I found which didn’t fit strictly into any of these categories.

If you’re looking for some off-beat ways to make money, these are it!

33. Fiverr

Official site: Your Access To This Website Has Been Blocked

I’ve written about Fiverr before, so you may be familiar with it.

Fiverr is a site that is built on the principle of “I will do X task for $5.”

You choose the task and advertise your services.

You can check out my Fiverr article if you want more details about how to succeed, but basically, you want a task that takes you very little time to do.

The quicker the better.

And then you want to advertise and line up as many customers as possible. It can get more nuanced, but that’s the site in summary.

34. Enroll

Official site: The Premium Domain is Now Available for Offers

For the more scholastic teens out there, enroll is a tutoring site that accepts applicants 15 and over.

They promote their casual, yet academic system as a viable option for adults and teens alike to make money tutoring (or get tutored.)

Of course, you’ll want to be knowledgeable enough in the subject to do the teaching, but otherwise, it’s easy money.

35. Etsy

Official site: Etsy – Shop for handmade, vintage, custom, and unique gifts for everyone

Teens love to express themselves in tangible ways, so there are plenty of teens who have crafting skills.

Perhaps sewing, knitting, weaving?

What about metal work?

Any craft skill like that can be used to make products that you sell through Etsy.

The unfortunate catch is that your parent/older sibling will need to be the account’s manager since it’s 18-and-over in the terms of service.

36. Slice the Pie

Official site:

A fantastic option for the music-loving teen in your life.

Slice the Pie pays you in order to listen to & review music as long as you’re 13 or over.

You listen to a short clip and then judge it on a 1 to 10 scale, providing a few sentences about your impressions on the matter.

Lots of new and indie artists are using STP as a way to get a feel for how people feel about their music.

You’ll get a pretty low payout, about 8¢ to 20¢ per song. But if you just want to hang out in your room and listen to music for a few hours, it’s a great reason to use STP and get paid at the same time.

37. Jingit

Official site:

There was a time when I may have pegged Jingit as the ideal teen moneymaking site, though recent changes in policy have made it slightly less perfect.

On the surface, it is a lot like the rewards sites from above. Watch videos, give opinions, and do other cash-earning activities.

Jingit used to deposit all the money onto a custom Jingit debit card, which was great for teens with no bank account. However, they’ve shifted to a more traditional transfer system, which is fine, but less unique.

You’ll need a Facebook profile and text plan to join (something most teens already have.)

38. Qmee

Official site: Qmee – Earn real cash when you take surveys, shop & search

Another fantastic option for teens, especially teens who don’t like working!

Qmee is an extension you install on your internet browser that pays you in return for monitoring your browsing habits. They aren’t trying to monitor you personally or bust you for anything– just seeing where you go so they can do market research.

You make money passively just for having it installed, and you can install it if you’re a teen in the US or the UK.

39. U-Haul

Official site:

This is a much more serious job than most other ones we talked about.

U-Haul lets you work from home which I think most kids (and even adults) would appreciate.

They hire seasonal and temporary at-home customer service workers as young as 16.

It’s more or less a normal job opportunity, except at home.

40. My Likes – Update: No longer available

Official site:

For the social media-hungry teens of today, there’s My Likes.

It sounds just like it is, a site that pays you to sell your likes/retweets/etc. Follow the instructions on the site, and you’ll get paid, no fuss.

Pays to PayPal or Amazon and you can join at 13 years or older.


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