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Fashion tips for girls/women

Fashion tips for women

1) Dress according to your body type
. Some of the major body shapes in females are Hour glass, Pear, Apple, Rectangular and Oval. Refer the image below to identify your body type.

2) Be confident in whatever body shape/size you have and choose clothes which complement your body size.

3) If you’re lean and want to look a size bigger:

  • Choose regular fitted clothes (not too tight and not too loose).
  • Choose a straight cut/mom jeans/boot-cut jeans and avoid skinny jeans.
  • Wear larger prints on your top/kurta/saree.
  • You can go for volume sleeves as it is trending these days.
  • A regular fit, funky crop top would be a good idea too.
  • You can wear a padded bra underneath if required.
  • You can go for an organza saree as it adds volume.

4) If you’re plus size and want to look leaner:

  • Choose regular fitted clothes. Wearing baggy clothes to hide your body shape will only make you look bigger.
  • Avoid skinny jeans and choose a boyfriend jeans/mom jeans instead with a regular fitted top
  • Black and other dark colors make you look leaner.
  • If you’re wearing a dress, choose an empire line which is fitted till waist and the flared from the waist. Kaftans and free falling dresses will also be a good option.
  • Wear kurtas with vertical lines to add an illusion of height and look leaner
  • You can strategically cover your extra weight with a saree pallu.
  • While wearing saree, choose saree fabric that give crisp pleats. Ex: Raw silk, brocade, etc. Avoid volumizing fabrics like organza.
  • You can choose to wear a ‘minimizer bra’ to conceal your heavy bust and a body shaper to smoothen out the love handles.

5) Invest in a quality bra and ALWAYS wear the right size.

6) Do not blatantly copy the outfits worn by Bollywood actresses. Know if something suits you, and wear it only then.

7) Go easy on accessories and makeup unless its your wedding day. Most of the times a statement piece of jewelry can make you stand out from the crowd.

8) Invest in some nice summer blazers and shrugs as they can go with multiple outfits like shirts, tops, t-shirts, dresses.

9) Remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune in high-end brands to look fashionable. You can mix and match your regular garments to create interesting looks. Get creative! Just for an idea-

10) Stay groomed, get a nice hair cut that suits your face shape and give your skin some TLC. What’s important is to feel beautiful in whatever you wear and you’ll look beautiful outside too.

11) Show skin strategically. Its always better to show only one part of your body to look sleek and elegant. For ex- If you’re showing your legs, keep your arms and cleavage covered. Let all the focus be on your legs!

12) Choose the heel height as per your comfort. Its not pleasant to watch woman walking awkwardly in high heels.

13) If your outfit is heavy, choose a subtle purse and if your outfit is uderstated, you can choose a blingy purse. (There could be more variations to this look)

14) Less is more so don’t try too hard. Keeping it subtle and elegant is always the best.

15) A cool pair of sunglasses and statement boho earrings can do wonders to oomph up your style quotient.

A few outfit options as per my personal preferences:

  • Invest in Co-ordinates. For those who don’t know, coordinates are two piece outfits of same color. Here’s an example-
  • A pair of plain white shirt is highly versatile as it can be paired up with a number of other garments. Read here to know how you can use a simple white shirt to create various looks.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment and for starters, an embroidered/sequin detail jeans or a top with over the top sleeves will be a good idea.
  • Saree is a wonderful outfit and there are ‘hundreds of variations of it. Fusion sarees are my current favorite.
  • Sharara and Gharara are also trending these days.
  • Fusion outfits like silk blazer with lehnga, dhoti pants, palazzo saree are great options to look stylish.

Source: Google & Quora search


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