Cabin Crew Career Center


The Cabin Crew Career Center was established in April 2018 as an initiative to provide complete information and services under one roof for aspiring youth wanting to become Cabin Crew with the inspiration of one of the most experienced and a national award winning air hostess.

Certain moments change our life perspective forever! This is a true story of Neerja, a flight attendant, boarded Pan Am flight 73 in 1986. When the flight is hijacked by terrorists, Neerja does all she can to stall the terrorists from attacking the passengers on board. The brave girl’s story is so inspiring because she was only 23 years when she faced the toughest unexpected moments of her life and after 30 years a movie depicting her real life story titled Neerja was made. Though it was most unfortunate that she did not survive, she was awarded the nation’s highest award and remains as the most inspiring woman in the history of Indian flyers/aviation! Certain moments change our life perspective forever!

You can watch her story on Youtube by clicking the link here

You can also watch a full movie on her made as a tribute to her courage here

This is our passion

If you also have a passion for flying we are here to help you in every way to be a cabin crew ! Our team has compiled the A to Z for aspiring flight attendants across the globe !