Where is your career today?

Depending on your education and the skills acquired, your next step is to decide about your job/work in line with your interests and resources. You may like to find a good job, start a business, be self employed or pursue your inherited fields of work/business. May be, because you don’t have any practical experience, you wish to go for further training or higher studies to enhance your educational skills. It is always better to see and meet people who are already in the fields of your interest before you decide to take the plunge. So, your choice will depend on your character. If you like to meet different people and travel, or you have a flair for writing, you want a static job, you are good in arts, you have a fascination for automobiles or aeroplanes, you like to do social work to help and serve people, you are good in sports, teaching, acting or you have any specific talent, then in any field today, you have various career options to choose upon. 


Note:  Changing track in your line of education or career is possible and the quicker, you realize and act, far the better!