What is LIFE for you and Where is your life today?

If you ask this question to anyone, each and every person will have a different answer because life is in million manifestations and the evolution of life since ancient periods has changed our lives today. I think that basically life is a gift from the super creator of the Universe of which earth is a part. It is an unpredictable cycle with combination of genetics, interests, upbringing, education, knowledge, skills, the company we keep and the resources, including the source of inspiration and above all presence of mind and temperament. However, for the youth, it is critically important to consider – how you spend your time in your life? What and who inspires you? If you are not inspired by others, then how you inspire yourself?


The biggest challenge is to recognize your own talent irrespective of what others feel about it and the ability to turn the tide of the negatives into positives. And this depends on your attitude and approach to your life. May be, you have hidden talent inside you that you never explored.

Mathematics of LIFE! Your ability to do or achieve = Your Time X Your effort devoted!

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Time is the essence of Life