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Fashion Trends – Understanding the Basics

Difference between a camisole, a spaghetti top, and a tank top?

Camisole is a loose fit sleeveless undergarment extending up to waist but shorter than Chemise, which is a Lingerie.

Camisole can be worn as both outerwear and innerwear depending upon clothes it is made from like Spandex, lycra, satin, Nylon or Cotton.

Camisole is mostly worn over Brassiere for casual dressing in Home or Local places.

There are many variants of Camisole :

1 – Cami Top are a shorter variant of Camisole extending upto Navel.

2 – Spaghetti Top are the Camisole with Spaghetti strap.

3 – Tank Top is a type of Camisole used as Sleeveless shirt or undershirt. It is also known as Sando, Genji and Banyan in many parts of the world.

Fashion trends – types of dresses for Girls?

Women have so many designs of dresses to choose from. I have tried to made a complete list, which consists of 40 types of dresses categorized into 6 sections namely Tops ( A – 1 to 12 ), Bottoms ( B – 13 to 20 ), Night Dresses ( C – 21 to 25 ), Mid Split Dresses ( D – 26 to 28 ), Party Dresses ( E – 29 to 37 ) & Outdoor Short Dresses ( F – 39 to 40 ).

A – Top

A – 1 – Shirt Top

Shirt tops come in both U-neck as well as Deep V-neck.

A – 2 – Turtle Neck top

A – 3 – Camisole

There are 3 sub categories of Camisole.

A – 3 – Camisole type – Cami Top

A – 3 – Camisole type – Spaghetti Top

A – 3 – Camisole type – Tank Top

A – 4 – Basque

Basque has two variants i.e. outerwear and innerwear.

A – 5 – Bustier

Bustier comes both in straps or without straps.

A – 6 – Bandeau

Bandeau is just like a strapless bra, but used as outerwear.

A – 7 – Tube Top

Tube Top Dress is shoulderless, sleeveless, and tight across bosom.

Tube Top Dress generally ends around navel.

A – 8 – Crop Top

Crop top is short on length exposing waist, navel & abdomen.

A – 9 – Vest or Waist coat

Vest and Waist Coat are suited for most informal as well as formal occasions.

A – 10 – Cache-cour

Cache-cour is just like a Wrap Dress ( A – 12 ), but it usually covers only torso, exposing navel.

A – 11 – Shrug

Shrug is usually of knee length and is worn as outermost dress, mostly with open front.

A – 12 – Wrap dress

Wrap Dress can be worn over other clothings, while wrapping the whole body, creating beautiful Deep V-Necks.

13 – B – Bottoms – Hot pants

B – 14 – Dolphin shorts

Dolphin Shorts is just like Running Shorts i.e. with rounded corners and a waist band at top. The only difference is that it has side slits too.

B- 15 – Ballerina Skirt

B – 16 – Tutu Skirt

B – 17 – Rah Rah Skirt

Rah Rah Skirt is mostly preferred by Cheerleaders.

B – 18 – Mini Skirt

Since Mini skirt is one of the most worn dresses, hence It is also one of the most desirable ones.

B – 19 – Micro Mini Skirt

B – 20 – A Line Skirt

21 – C – Night dresses – Bodysuit

Bodysuit is a very popular dress in the western world

It can be worn both as nightwear and poolwear, as it provides coverage to both torso and crotch, with a perfect blend between cover-up and exposing the curves.

Many wonder how to wear the Bodysuit dress. And to our surprise, it is worn from top down over the head, as the crotch is actually open and sticks in place with the help of snaps, hooks or velcro at the crotch.

C – Night dresses

Before going further in Nightwear, we can quickly understand the difference between 3 types of intimate wears by their lengths in the image below.

C – 22 – Chemise

Chemise design is similar to Slip ( F – 39 ) with loose fitting on waist and is short and sleeveless, hanging on the shoulders.

Chemise is a preferred Nightwear.

C – 23 – Babydoll

C – 24 – Negligee

Negligee comes in both tight and loose variants.

C – 25 – Night gown

Night Gown is also known as Nightee or Night Dress, and it is usually of knee length.

26 – D – Mid split Dresses – Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit is a one piece dress covering sleeves, torso, crotch and legs. It is used mostly by parachuters. Its loose fitting variant is called Onesie.

27 – D – Mid split Dresses – Speedsuit

It is usually made from synthetic material and mostly used by runners & swimmers.

Its loose variant is called as Teddy.

28 – D – Mid split Dresses – Overalls

Overalls can be worn either over a Top or even without one.

29 – E – Party dresses – Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress is a elongated version of a Shirt, with a length upto crotch or thighs, but loose.

30 – E – Party dresses – Cocktail Dress

Cocktail Dress is also known as Clubwear and is very short, being tight at prime places.

31 – E – Party dresses – Little Black Dress

Similar to the Cocktail Dress, but even more short and tight in overall fitting.

And the most beautiful part is that It only comes in Black.

32 – E – Party dresses – Tube Top Mini Dress

Tube Top Mini Dress helps in rocking the party to a whole new level of awesomeness.

33 – E – Party dresses – Jumper

E – 34 – Sheath Dress

Sheath Dress is fitting, straight cut type of dress, which is often nipped at waist with no waist seam, having short sleeves and can be up to knee length.
They can be both tube top as well as strapped

Sheath Dress is fitting, straight cut type of dress, which is often nipped at waist with no waist seam, having short sleeves and can be up to knee length.

They can be both tube top as well as strapped.

E – 35 – Evening Gown

Evening Gown is designed with long skirt, fitting waist and plunge neckline.

The appeal of this dress is in the high side cut on the skirt, exposing the legs in a gracious manner.

For most of us, higher the cut, more attractive the dress will look.

E – 36 – Ball Gown

Ball Gown has a flaring wide skirt. They may come in one piece or two pieces design, with separate skirt and top.

E – 37 – Bouffant Gown

Bouffant Gown is used specifically for Wedding ceremonies.

It generally has a a tube top and flaring skirt, with lots of sheer clothings and embroided floral designs.

F – Short outdoor dresses

F – 38 – Romper Suit

Romper Suit comes in many variants including intimate wear and innerwear.

However, Romper Suit is mostly used as a fitting wear for outdoors.

Romper Suit is a one piece dress with top and shorts.

Unlike Bodysuit ( C – 21 ), which is weared from top down over the head, the Romper Suit is worn from bottom up, putting legs through the shorts first.

F – 39 – Slip Dress

Slip dress looks like the Chemise ( C – 22 ), however, it is worn as an outerwear.

Slip dress generally has a small skirt with Spaghetti Straps.

And its colors are generally monochromatic, i.e. entire dress will be of one color.

F – 40 – Sundress

Sundress is cut collarless with wide neckline, thin strap and are largely backless. The skirt length can vary from short to full length.

Sundress usually suit for wearing on bright sunny days, while going for a brunch in a open roof top convertible car.

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