Womens’ workshop schedule


We begin promptly at 9:30 and try to end by 6 pm

09.00 hrs Registration
  SESSION 1 * *Learning & Earning* * The Fundas (Career Concepts) PREVIEW

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  Exploring yourself, options and setting goals
  Career Management – Building & managing your career
  Exploring yourself, options and setting goals
  Preparing the Blueprint-Tips/fundamentals
  Clearing the haze, mess & confusion
  Career change: just another option, defining and marketing yourself
  Bringing stability! Acceptable and unacceptable reasons for studying/on the current job/changing track
11.00 hrs Tea & Snacks
11.15 hrs SESSION 2 * *The Luv Journey* * Love bug (Home Peers Friendship Marriage  

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  Coming through the journey of life and experience
  Growing relationships * Basic principles/fundas
  Love – What it is & What it is not
  Self awareness & personal happiness
  Matching & Taking Life decisions
  Dating, Friendship & Marriage
  Peculiar problems faced by women and how to cope up and resolve them?
  Developing a strong mind for self – esteem and confidence
13.30 hrs LUNCH
14.00 hrs SESSION 3 * *Life-style* * The Big Picture (getting organized)

lifestyle talent02

  What is life about anyway? Life is how you take it?
  Indicators of the onset of a person’s Life style
  Identifying your passions and interests
  Common Fears and Concerns
  Living a purpose driven life
  Getting organized & finishing well
  New possibilities using your creativity
15.45 hrs Tea/coffee break
16.00 hrs SESSION 4 * * Prevention, Precautions & Safety * * Presence of Mind

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  At Home * Taking care of family, parents, children and avoding risks. Basics of emergencies
  Movement, transport and communication * Basic principles/fundas
  Dating and pitfalls
  How to avoid being cheated?
  Dealing with abuse & violence
  Tackling nuisances, harassment and stalking
  Open house discussion and Getting on the talent floor
  Developing a strong mind for self – esteem and confidence
17.45 hrs Summation * Closing & evaluation * End of Workshop Session


Eligibility: All you got is to be between 18 to 30 years of age with a minimum education up to 12th standard having knowledge of English and internet

(Single, married, divorced, in relationship, student, on a job, shy, outgoing, in a relationship or whatever; that makes no difference).