How you spend your time and what activities are of utmost interest to you?


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While all activities of every individual vary it is almost with certain passions/addictions and the lifestyle of the youth again depends on the resources and inner passions, hopes and dreams.

LIFESTYLE ACTIVITIES! How much you think, you can identify yourself? Here are some common activities and you got to figure it out, whether you have a different approach to your life with a difference? The main point is whether your activities govern your life or you govern your activities? In simple words, you like others to decide for you or you decide for yourself? You have interest in individual activities or group activities? 

Though life is dependent on several factors, every youth has some or the other activities of interest ranging from the resources available. However, the essential aspects include learning through the peers, teachers, friends and the company, he or she keeps. This can be studies, sports, watching TV/movies, hanging out, chatting, dating, romance, fashion, music, dance, social work, driving, etc, etc. Have you ever considered your positive strengths where you can excel yourself? If so, then what is your time frame to achieve the targets/results? After all, you choose your subjects and you know in which subjects you are the strongest or you have interest in a particular subject but you are weak and still want to turn the tables?

Some interests are casual while some are like hobbies/addictions and these tend to make the individual acquire more skills in the field and it takes time to become an expert and further the expertise is enriched through real life experience. Here again, you like individual sports or group sports? You see, everything depends on you and therefore, it is important for yourself to know whether you have already decided or you are waiting or simply dreaming without any action?

Almost every youth of today has a tendency to flirt and dream with itself or others, whether it is about the work, social networks, searching for a partner. And in this context your lifestyle comes into play in the sense, whether you are a loner who likes to be alone or you simply cannot live alone and always want company of others? The choice is again with yourself – you like to flirt with yourself or others? Many young boys and girls like flirting with the opposite sex but are unable to distinguish the difference between flirting, friendship, love, lust or romance and many lack a sense of humor. This depends to a large extent on what and how you communicate with others? Flirting is not bad when it is within limits and with great deal of caution. Trust is the last word in such relationships and before doing so, there are many ways to check this tendency. However, many believe they are born flirts or good flirting..

Then there is the romantic side of life as well. People try to know each other with the intention of friendship and the approach is very different between the young men and women and much depends on the level of adulthood and maturity. And the most complex is mutual understanding and harmony. Most women dream of romantic men and many men consider themselves as die-hard romantics. It is easy to romance, sing and dance for a while but the depth of every individual varies. Certain basic traits are however necessary for any person to be romantic. Have you encountered such person in your life up to this day? If, yes or no, what is your concept about romance and yourself?

Life of almost every youth is influenced at an early age with the gradual learning process and people also sometimes get carried away with superstitions and opinon, comments or advice/suggestions from others. Many believe in, luck, fortune, destiny and palmistry/astrology/numerology etc. 

Music is life and almost all people across all ages like music, mores o to listen and this is the best form of creativity which many people also believe, gives energy because when it is played in harmony(orchestra) resembles our life dreams where we want harmony in life too. This also reflects to a large extent the lifestyle of the youth. And though most people like to listen depending on their tastes it is very rare for any individual to seriously know all about the world music and the instruments associated with it. Therefore whether it is music or dance, if you want to be a creator then it is necessary to know about the subject deeply. 

So, what is of utmost interest to you at this point in your life and how much time you devote to each of the interests is of vital importance. Please think of not only your interests/activities but also the level of skills acquired with your interest! It is also possible that your interests/dreams are in a particular field but you and/or your family does not have the resources to support you.In such case, how much you have explored and are aware of the alternative options or you think to abandon your dreams and pursue other areas though you may not have the same level of desire and determination? It is also possible that you have all the support and resources and you want to look for the best options available. If for whatever reason you are not able to define the objective of your goals in life, this workshop will guide you through the basic steps necessary to ensure that your efforts are in the right direction.