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As you begin to clear things out in your mind and get ready for something new or decide to stay put…at the threshold of your life, it has its challenges. It’s helpful to do this with crystal clear concepts to grow your personality and talent in tune with your lifestyle and interests. The world is getting more competitive and education alone won’t bring success in our professional life.

Only YOU can manage yourself—but if guidance would be helpful, let’s work together to develop ideas.


If you think you are experiencing the following signs at this point in your life

  • You are exploring-but unable to do so completely as nobody asks you questions
  • You are a go-getter but are stuck up somewhere searching the answers
  • Your life-style needs the right direction or you wish to change
  • You are missing something and your broad mind changes places
  • You have some fears, apprehensions, doubts and confusions
  • You want to clear up the haze of confusions and wish to start afresh

This site shall help you to

  • Define yourself and what it is you really desire
  • Prepare a roadmap for achievement
  • Develop the focus, clarity and awareness you need to make your dreams come true
  • Enable you enjoy setting goals
  • Show how you can get the results you deserve
  • Help you to get what you truly want out of life

YUWALIWA uncovers those impulses and hidden talents in you adding the things to your life that make you utilize the best of opportunities through life career choices.

What we do? We offer help and support to the youth across the globe through this blog in all walks of life. As a sample, we have outlined the details on “real flying careers” for pilots and cabin crew. This exemplifies the focus needed after making a career choice. This can be viewed by clicking here.

  • If you want to develop a meaningful life management plan that involves a change of occupation or career with a new employer or current employer or choosing a college major or training program;
  • If you are confused or troubled by issues regarding love transition, choice of partner, and/or a change of partner;
  • If you think you don’t have any OR have many skills and don’t know which one you should pursue for your life and career;

What is the youth confused about when it takes time to understand is summarized below:

A Confused Youth
A confused teenager sitting alone by the water
contemplating life
Unnoticed, his perfect mate saddles up next to him
They confront each other
He is oblivious to what is painfully obvious to anyone who cares to pay attention
Theirs is a love only noticed by one
Eventually he will realize what could have been
And hate himself for not seizing that day
But that time is too far off, not relevant to the present
She is so sure
For the first time in his life he is confused
Things have changed too quickly,
Growths, he is only now beginning to see-
People, relationships, the people involved in those relationships
These two crucial ingredients spliced together in a soup with no testable characteristics
That confused teenager is now inexperienced in areas he once knew so well
He knows not what to do
Caught in a rut, decisions, possibilities, what could be, and what can never be again-
All are now churning through his head
He is hurting
Caught in emotional turmoil, he knows his life will never be the same
With that new feelings, new emotions emerge, explode into his conscious mind
Hitting him all at once-He is overwhelmed
For reasons unknown to him, means never to justify his actions,
He violently shoves away those he should be pulling closer
His mind is a fog
His better judgment blurred
Lashing out at every available scapegoat
He is faced with a decision
This decision he knows will set into effect a life more confusing, more hurting,
More real
Because of this he is scared
He runs from what he knows he must confront, only making it harder to decide
Then, finally, he does
After choosing what he thinks is right un-thought out possibilities surface
He feels he has made the wrong decision-but,
How could he have known?
The simple web he had once woven has, with that one decision, became tangled
He tries to set back what he has done, of course attempting at the easy way out
He efforts work to no avail
He is then faced with another decision, with a new relationship, a new bunch of feelings, A new love
Now he is back to where he started-The same scenario, but no familiar scenery
Again confused, again a forced decision, again a forced confrontation, again disappointed
With each new day the cycle repeats, always more complicated than the last
As a teenager we have no choice, but to do what we feel is right-hold our course steadfast
Each decision has its consequences, its ups and downs
People come and go, Relationships blossom and die out
We are put on this earth to hold on to the love that doesn’t
The one that we hope with all our minds and souls will last

This Blog is for you: The blog will assist you in formulating your own life plan, guided by your values and goals, to set down what you want to achieve; i.e., your vocational, occupational, love, marital and your future objectives through your self-analysis of your present life situation.

With considerable work on your part, I will help you list the steps or tasks that you need to complete to achieve your career, love, marriage, life-plans and goals.

The blog will help you identify, with your diligent efforts, your talents, abilities, aptitudes, temperaments, values, LIFE-style, all of which identify your job/career/work content, functional, and self-management skills.

The blog will help you develop a structure to help you organize your activities and suggest methods to help you take advantage of what you have learned.

There are no cookbook solutions to career/occupational challenges. This field has more of its share of trendy fads based on junk research or fuzzy assumptions.

We strive to create a very safe environment for you to explore your next steps in life. You will learn information about yourself, about others and relationships. The format includes free discussions and personal reflection and writing (no one sees what you write!), demonstration of skills and processes to help you in your own development and an environment of openness, laughter, hard work, and fun. Although you are encouraged to push yourself to take your next steps, no one is forced to do anything they don’t want to do. No one is put on the spot. The focus is on

  • Those who enjoy their life and wish to take steps in relationships and living from your core self.
  • Those who are disillusioned with their life-style or intimate relationships because of past hurts.
  • Those who find themselves in relationships that end-up feeling the same as their last one.
  • Those who want to stop making the same mistakes or stop letting fear hold you back.
  • Those who have lost a partner through death, divorce, or breakup and want to begin again.  

You will learn information and tools to:

  • Clear the blocks to deeper love and life
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Discover why you choose the love partners you do  
  • Understand the vulnerabilities and strengths you bring to your relationships
  • Identify some of the patterns you bring to any relationship that can undermine your relationship  
  • Let go of past relationships you are still hanging on to that prevents you from moving forward  
  • Develop and express more of your core self

Take steps to living a spiritually conscious, intentional life instead of living by default or reactively.

This blog is to be used by the participants as a general guide and not the ultimate source of counseling information.

The blog cannot guarantee that you will achieve your goals, develop a plan of action, make an occupational decision or learn anything.

The blog cannot guarantee that you will secure the employment you want.

Only you control your future. I take no credit for your successes or assume responsibility for your failures.

Good Luck


Our inspiration if from the following verses:

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;
Where knowledge is free;
Where the world is not broken up into fragments
by narrow domestic walls,
Where the words come out from the depth of truth;
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection,
Where the thought to reason has not lost its way into
the dreary desert sand of dead habit,
Where the mind is led forward by thee
into overwhelming thought and action;-
Into that heaven of freedom – My father
let my country awake.


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